NRA's bought-off pols have to go

Tuesday May 7, 2013

I was appalled to read in the Berkshire Eagle that the vice president of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, suggested that no members should surrender guns. In the wake of recent gun control efforts he said it will "destroy us and every ounce of our freedom." He has got to be kidding. When most gun holders have 10 guns or more, why would he think that guns shouldn’t be given up?

When the Second Amendment was written, muskets were the weapon and they took a minute to load and usually missed there mark. Now, with multiple magazines, how could you not miss?

The NRA bought the senators that voted against gun control. Forty three of the 46 senators who voted against background checks were paid off. Most importantly, the Democratic senators who voted negatively have money in their future campaign pockets. All of these senators, Democrat and Republican, should not be re-elected. They were simply voting against our president.

With the gun attacks on good, peaceful citizens such as Aurora movie-goers, Newtown’s children and teachers and most recently, with the 5-year-old child shooting his 2-year-old sister with a child’s gun, the Crickett, it’s time for change.




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