Nuciforo will shake up status quo

Saturday September 1, 2012

In the coming primary election for the First Congressional District seat, Berkshire County cannot afford to maintain the status quo in Washington. Twenty years has been far too long without a Berkshire voice in the House of Representatives. John Olver was one thing; Richard Neal is something else again.

Neal’s anti-choice stand in matters of women’s health and his pro-Wall Street and banking deregulation votes show that he is out of touch with the priorities of the majority of Berkshire voters. Of the candidates on the ballot Thursday, only one has the progressive philosophy, the political experience and the energy to represent our interests in the face-off against tea party extremists in Congress, as well as the special-interest lobbies that will besiege him at every turn.

America is at a crossroads: if we reelect congressmen who kneel down to big-money special interests, we have only ourselves to blame for the results. I urge every registered Democrat to support positive change and cast a vote for Andrea Nuciforo on Thursday. Please call your friends and get them to the polls too -- that is how we will effect real change in Washington.




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