N.Y. AG announces gun show accord

Sunday April 7, 2013

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Three more New York gun show operators have agreed to rules designed to make sure weapons aren’t sold to prohibited buyers, the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Saturday.

The new agreements bring the number of operators that have signed on to model gun show procedures designed by Schneiderman’s office to 26.

Schneiderman made the announcement after touring the Rochester Gun Show, operated by Empire State Arms Collectors Association.

"I am proud to stand together with the organizers of today’s Rochester gun show to highlight our shared commitment to keeping deadly firearms out of the hands of felons, terrorists, and those who are dangerously mentally ill," Schneiderman said.

The model procedures involve putting tags on all the guns brought to the shows by private sellers. Those tags are checked later to determine whether gun buyers underwent a background check. Operators also must take steps to prevent unregulated sales outside shows, including notifying law enforcement so they can patrol nearby.

"Responsible gun owners, gun show operators, and the attorney general all want the same thing," said Empire State Arms Collectors Association President Bernie Lusk. "We want to protect our communities and families by keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous criminals, which is why we applaud Attorney General Schneiderman’s efforts to work with us to adopt these voluntary model protocols."

Schneiderman’s tour of the Rochester Gun Show was his first visit to a gun show since taking office.


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