Obama needs a partner in Congress

Monday July 30, 2012

Isn’t it ironic that David Brooks, the highly respected New York Times conservative (Republican) pundit, writes on your July 23 editorial page a column headlined "Where Obama shines," giving the president high marks for his foreign policy team and his handling of our foreign policy affairs, and one day later, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a man with zero foreign policy experience or credentials, goes before the VFW convention in Reno, Nev. and lambasts the president’s foreign policy performance. Go figure.

Gov. Romney also laid at the feet of the president those big cuts in the military budget that may kick in if Congress doesn’t act. My recollection is that our do nothing, grid-locked Con gress foisted that plan on themselves. Apparently doing the people’s business was in conflict with their re-election plans. If Mr. Romney wants to skewer those responsible for that plan, he should be talking not about the president, but about Con gress and his fellow Republi cans. Remember, it is Congress that has to act to avoid those cuts, not the president.

What this president needs -- what any president needs -- is a partner in Congress. I hope at least some of the focus in the upcoming election will swing in that direction.

It might be a good idea for we voters to limit to one term all those tea party and other rigid ideologues, regardless of party, and replace them with legislators interested in governing the country jointly with their fellow legislators. What is happening now is not governing. "My way or the highway" is not a democratic process.




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