'One-woman crime spree' in Pittsfield nets six-month jail sentence


PITTSFIELD — A city woman, who went on what her attorney described as a "one-woman crime spree," after her boyfriend was murdered last summer has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Angel Breault, 18, admitted to assaulting a minor, breaking in to homes, vandalizing property — including spray-painting cars — lying to police and assaulting people with scissors, threatening to "cut" them.

All of the incidents took place between August 2015 and January 2016.

Breault's attorney, Marc Vincelette, said it was the shooting death of her boyfriend, Keenan Pellot, in July that set her on her spree.

Before the shooting, Breault was, "a 17-year-old with a boyfriend," he said.

"Six months later, she's in jail, and he's dead," he said.

Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Katy Innes acknowledged the anger and confusion Breault suffered as a result of the shooting, but said, "She's taking it out on the entire community," noting the five open cases which Breault had against her.

"She doesn't get it," Innes said.

The incidents began on Aug. 10, when Breault — 18 at the time — threatened to punch a 15-year-old girl in the face and challenged her to a fight.

On Aug. 16, Breault broke into an Adam Street home by pushing in a window-mounted air conditioner, went through the window and unlocked the door, allowing two other women inside.

Breault ostensibly went into the house to retrieve a phone charger and once inside, broke a lamp and hit one of the home's residents several times before leaving.

She incurred a charge of misleading a police officer on Nov. 8 after she lied about the involvement of two males in a motor vehicle break-in after the three were seen on surveillance video. She was not accused of taking part in the break-in itself.

On Nov. 29, Breault participated in the spray-painting of a pair of motor vehicles. One had the words "Ho" and "Crip lover" painted on it, and the other was simply covered with various colors of paint, according to court files.

Police believed the vehicles were specifically targeted after learning one of the cars was owned by the mother of a woman dating Thomas Newman, the man accused of killing Pellot.

Breault was identified as a suspect in the case after a purse containing her driver's permit was found at the end of the driveway. Breault claimed at the time, someone had stolen her purse and left it in the driveway to frame her.

Finally, on Jan. 11, Breault called a Winter Street resident who was away from her home and told her she was going to, "kick her ass," and "smash up her stuff."

When the victim returned to the house, along with two other people, they found the front door open and Breault coming down the stairs, brandishing a pair of scissors and threatening to cut people with them before fleeing.

Inside the house, police found a television with a fresh scratch carved into the screen, a hair dryer and three curling irons with the cords cut off and a large amount of makeup thrown on to the bathroom floor and into the sink.

Breault pleaded guilty in Central Berkshire District Court on Thursday to 11 counts — including two felonies — spread among five cases: four counts of vandalizing property, and one count each of nighttime felony breaking and entering, daytime felony breaking and entering, assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault, threatening to commit a crime and misleading a police officer.

Judge Michael Ripps sentenced her to six months in jail, followed by one year of probation and ordered her to pay approximately $800 in restitution for damage to one of the vehicles.

"Good luck," Ripps told her as she was led out of the courtroom. "I hope you don't continue on like this."

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