Opposition Party divides council

Saturday October 13, 2012

I disagree with the Berkshire Eagle’s editorial of Thursday, Oct. 11 ("Divided government cannot function"). It isn’t the Spectrum issue that has divided the City Council, it is the Opposition Party.

Yes, it appears that Pittsfield has an Opposition Party, a party beholden to the previous administration. Unlike the U.S. House, however, this Op position Party is undeclared, but similar to the U.S. House, its goal is to limit the current administration to one term, despite what is good for the city.

It is ironic, that this Oppo sition Party selected the Spec trum issue to flex its muscles because the Bianchi administration did an excellent job of extracting the city out of a lawsuit brought on by the previous administration’s poor behavior. In addition, the fact that this Opposition Party has not declared its intentions concerns me as a voting member of the community. Had these intentions been declared, I would not have supported their candidacies.

My friends, family and I are discouraged by this behavior. As taxpaying voters, we want to see cooperation to move the city forward and solve our pressing problems and these embarrassing, frivolous attacks on the Bianchi administration must end.




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