Our Opinion: Attorney general confronts bid to avoid gun rules


As if there isn't enough gun violence, manufacturers and dealers are sneaking around the state's ban on assault weapons by peddling "copycats." Kudos to Attorney General Maura Healey for cracking down on them.

Joined at a press conference Wednesday by prosecutors, police officers and relatives of victims of gun violence, the attorney general said her office had discovered since the Orlando gun massacre that knockoff versions of assault weapons were being sold with minor variations. This is just a cynical attempt to get around the weapons ban, which Ms. Healey promised her office would address.

Massachusetts Gun Rights President Christopher Pinto told the State House News Service that the crackdown will destroy her political future, which seems unlikely in a state that has long supported sound gun laws. But the response is typical of gun organizations, beginning with the NRA, which routinely threaten political retribution when they can't make a good argument for their cause. Anyway, Ms. Healey has proven in taking on other hotbed issues that she isn't concerned about politics and won't be intimidated by special interest groups.

Assault weapons and their copycats aren't used for hunting or protection, they are used by mass murderers to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This includes killers of police officers. Those are the people the Massachusetts Gun Rights organization is sticking up for.


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