Our Opinion: Fear attacks and loses


Go to the video on YouTube to see what happens when the fearful grow hysterical in the face of truth and logic. The scene is Concord, New Hampshire, where John Cantin, whose daughter was shot to death four years ago, is making the argument for increased gun control measures on Tuesday at a rally organized by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Mr. Cantin is reading from a prepared statement containing the grim statistics of deaths and injuries that attest to the extent of America's gun sickness. The New Hampshire man is heckled by gun advocates, and at one point, a man police later identified as Daniel Musso of Brentwood, N.H., walks up to the podium and begins bullying Mr. Cantin.

"What kind of guns we talking here?" he demands as gun law supporters walk to the stage and are waved away by Mr. Cantin. "Sir, have a little respect at this moment," Mr. Cantin demands at one point as Mr. Musso continues to interrupt him, even following a reference to Mr. Cantin's deceased daughter, who was gunned down by her estranged husband. Mr. Musso was later arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and two charges of assault, one involving a spectator at the rally, the other a Concord police officer.

If someone is confident in the logic of their argument they can listen respectfully to the argument of opponents. There is no need for bullying, heckling and shouting. Behavior like that in Concord demonstrates that extremist opponents of tougher laws to combat gun violence can't muster a good argument in their defense.

"They work off intimidation, but I wasn't intimidated at all," said Mr. Cantin afterward. "It just displays who they are and weakens their cause."

Find the video to see who they are, which exposes the inherent weakness of the cause of Mr. Musso and his allies. Mr. Cantin has the facts, terrible experience and courage on his side. It's no contest.


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