Our Opinion: Fight against racism must involve us all


The quiet protest at Monument Mountain Regional High School Friday night was effective for several reasons, one of which is the breakdown of who participated.

About 70 spectators took a knee at the beginning of the football game against Ludlow in support of the Spartans football player who did the same at a recent game and was the victim of racist threats (Eagle October 15). The player was joining a nationwide movement among athletes of the treatment of African-Americans, specifically the shootings of unarmed black men by police officers.

The protesters were a mix of white and African-American spectators, and a number of white players took part as well.

It was particularly encouraging to see the white athletes join their African-American friends and teammates in supporting the player who was subject to racism and in support of a nationwide cause. Young people are often accused of focusing solely on themselves and not being aware of national issues. Happily, that doesn't appear to apply at Monument Mountain, at least among the players on the football team.

This fight against racism is not just an African-American issue. The bigotry in American that has in part percolated under the surface has fully erupted in 2016, stoked by the campaign of hate by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In some circles, Mr. Trump has now made it acceptable to demean blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and, of course, women.

Mr. Trump's abhorrent insults of and treatment of women are unconscionably tolerated by supporters who will apparently defend the candidate even as his behavior becomes increasingly indefensible. This requires men to join women in declaring that his words and actions are intolerable. Similarly, all Americans must protest against the words and deeds of those who stoke hatred of minorities. Protests like those at Monument Mountain are an important part of this process, and they could not be more patriotic in nature.


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