Our Opinion: GOP politicos aren't earning their paychecks


Not content apparently with stalling on filling a Supreme Court vacancy, do Washington Republicans plan on taking the rest of the year off?

Senator Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican who chairs the Budget Committee, announced Monday that Republican leaders have indefinitely postponed action on drawing up the annual budget blueprint. This is the latest embarrassment for Washington Republicans, who claimed that once they were in charge of both bodies the occasional delays in producing budgets that took place when the Democrats were in control would never happen again.

In the House, tea partiers are opposing domestic spending increases that were agreed to in last year's bipartisan budget deal. This is standard GOP stuff, but what is more remarkable is the hold placed on an energy bill by Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, because it includes $100 million to help Flint, Michigan deal with a contaminated water supply courtesy of a Republican gubernatorial administration and enable other communities to perhaps avoid a similar plight. Senator Lee called the bipartisan measure "political grandstanding."

Republican leaders had hoped to boost several incumbent senators facing tough election battles by showing that they could actually govern in 2016. So much for that idea. Obstructionism and disregard for poor urban communities are too deep-rooted.


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