Our Opinion: Hatred based on politics further hurts our nation


Regardless of how the November 8 elections come out, America must heal some raw wounds if it is going to come back together.

Early Sunday morning, a Republican Party office in Hillsborough, North Carolina was firebombed and "Nazi Republicans" and "Leave town or else" were scrawled on a nearby wall. Emotions are high in that state over a controversial transgender rights bill, but no cause is helped or justified by destroying property, issuing threats or making comparisons to Nazis.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump typically tried to make political hay from the incident, but on the brighter side, a GoFundMe account set up by David Weinberger, a Boston Democrat, raised more than $13,000 Monday to help the state GOP recover. He and other Democrats and independents started the campaign, said Mr. Weinberger, "because we believe that for our democracy to survive, we have to work against the violent forces that want to disrupt it."

Those forces were on display at weekend Trump rallies where, according to media reports, Trump supporters wore t-shirts adorned with vulgarities directed at Hillary Clinton and yelled obscenities in reference to the Democratic presidential candidate while their children listened. "If she's in office I hope we can start a coup," an Ohio Trump backer told a Boston Globe reporter. "She should be in prison or shot." Another Ohio Republican told the reporter he would follow Mr. Trump's request to watch polling precincts. "I'll look for...well, it's called racial profiling," he explained. Mexicans. Syrians. People who don't speak American."

Firebombings and politically inspired violence won't heal any of our nation's serious problems. They may make solutions impossible.


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