Our Opinion: Justice triumphs


The jury's guilty verdicts Friday in the trial of Adam Lee Hall of Peru provide some consolation for the families and friends of David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell. Nothing will bring them back, but justice was served in a Springfield courtroom.

Mr. Hall was convicted of 15 of 19 counts against him, including three counts of murder. The prosecution alleged that Mr. Glasser was killed so he could not testify against Mr. Hall in an earlier case, and Mr. Frampton and Mr. Chadwell had the misfortune of being with Mr. Glasser in his apartment that fateful day in August of 2011 when Tropical Storm Irene raged in the Berkshires. Two other men are still to be tried in connection with the killings.

The case was not a slam-dunk as there was no murder weapon found or any relevant DNA or forensic evidence. It is also impossible to predict what a jury will do when it begins deliberating. Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless, who brought the prosecution’s case with help from Assistant DA Paul Caccaviello and ADA Gregory Barry, was able to link Mr. Hall and Mr. Glasser by a series of confrontations, many of them violent. He elicited compelling testimony against Mr. Hall, in particular from David Casey of Canaan, N.Y., who testified that Mr. Hall scared him into using his excavator to help dispose of the victims’ bodies in Becket.

The case was brutal, and no one enjoyed reading about the details, but there is no hiding from the reality that terrible crimes take place, even in the Berkshires. Residents can be heartened that, because of diligent police work and the presentation of a strong courtroom case, punishment will be doled out in Monday’s sentencing. Those who mourn the three victims can, it is hoped, find some comfort then as well.


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