Our opinion: Mitt -- just go

Friday November 16, 2012

If there was any small doubt remaining that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney meant every word he said in his famous campaign speech to donors insulting 47 percent of the country there can be no longer following a phone call to donors Wednesday in which he essentially repeated the same claims. After six years of campaigning for the White House, Mr. Romney still doesn’t understand or respect much of the nation he wanted to govern.

Echoing Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly, who said last week that President Obama was re-elected because he promised to give people "stuff," Mr. Romney told disappointed high-rollers that Mr. Obama won because he promised "gifts" to women, young people and minorities. Among those "gifts" cited by Mr. Romney were health care, student loans and "amnesty" to the "so-called DREAM Act kids." These are not gifts but the programs government should provide to assist those who, unlike Mr. Romney, the son of a wealthy car manufacturer, were not handed great advantages but want to pursue their share of the American dream.

Arrogant and entitled, Mr. Romney sneered at those who didn’t have his luck. It is at least encouraging that some Repub lican leaders, like Louisiana Gover nor Bobby Jindal, condemned Mr. Rom ney’s divisive remarks as symbolic of the problems the GOP faces in winning back much of the electorate.

Mr. Romney, who assured donors that he discussed "big issues" in a campaign in which he in reality offered few specifics and flip-flopped on the issues relentlessly, said he doesn’t know what he will do next. We would suggest a return to corporate raiding where he can hang out with his peers and disparage those he sees as beneath him. Public service is not for someone who despises the public.


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