Our Opinion: Once again, why?

Saturday December 15, 2012

The shooting deaths of more than two dozen people -- the vast majority of them young children -- on Friday in a Connecticut elementary school reckons all-too-familiar memories of other mass killings. The Columbine school killings in 1999 in Colorado. The Aurora, Colo., cinema shootings six months ago. And an endless stream of other massacres.

No doubt, political, school and community leaders will revive the equally endless debate over the availability of guns in the United States, even to the mentally unstable and most violent among us, and the types of military-style weapons and ammunition that are too readily available to too many Americans.

This is a moment to mourn the adults and children who met death at such an early age and to reflect upon the mind-stunning tragedy we are witnessing in a setting familiar to all: an elementary school. Yes, this tragedy hits home.

And soon, very soon, it will be incumbent upon us as a nation to find the resolve to ordain a peaceful future for our children. Because now, our children will look to us and ask why -- and how -- we fail to act at the expense of their futures.


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