Our opinion: Still time for flu shot


That Berkshire County has not been hit yet by the growing number of cases of the flu afflicting the Boston area and Northeast Massachusetts doesn’t mean we’re immune. It means we have been fortunate so far. There is still time for those who have not gotten a flu vaccination to do so, and Berkshire and state health officials are urging those residents to get their shot sooner rather than later.

As a rule, people get their flu shots in the fall, but because the flu season is yet to get into gear locally there is still time to get one. Gina Armstrong, Pittsfield’s director of the Department of Public Health, told The Eagle earlier this week, however, that it takes about two weeks to get the full effect of the shot, so time may be of the essence. Pittsfield residents can get a flu shot at the DPH office by calling (413) 499-9411 and making an appointment. Health officials observe that there is still plenty of vaccine available statewide.

The flu can be more than a nuisance as it is potentially dangerous, particularly for young children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. Causing the flu virus to sweep through a workplace can also make an employee unpopular. The new year is here and the flu may be coming with it, as February is usually a peak month, so get a vaccination.


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