Our problems go beyond weapons


There is more to this travesty than guns. It's a national condition.

At the movie theater, I watched the preview of a film called "Killing Them Softly." A man who suggests killing people softly is recognized as a special talent. Imagine.

I'm not someone who likes to see deer shot, or innocent beings human or otherwise. I don't care what we describe as a sane hobby, or a reason for overpopulation. When I was young, killing anything was a sin.

What's happened in the entertainment business has been immoral. Our sense of "entertainment" has numbed our souls. Rating movies has gone to the garbage can as far as I can see it. Why not just not distribute movies, games and the such that sensationalize wrongdoing? We've gone far beyond what is polite, natural, decent and kind.

My uncle used to say, "the world is not nice anymore," and he stopped getting subscriptions to magazines because most now have something of bad taste. Television has as well. It's becoming a joke with reality TV, and the good stations are struggling for money just to keep going.

We as a nation are far out of balance, and we must step forward in our community and say no and not tolerate unjust behavior in the many forms it takes.




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