Passions, funds for childhood cancer

Tuesday February 12, 2013

Justifiable outrage continues over the 20 young lives so swiftly snuffed out in the Newtown tragedy. Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords has been quoted as saying that "the killing of children must stop." The debate goes on with passion and funds about how to prevent the killings.

There is another tragedy that continues on without much recognition, unless one is affected by it. That is childhood cancer. Every three days 20 young lives are snuffed out, slowly and painfully. Very little passion and funding occurs on a national level directed against this problem.

Pharmaceutical companies do little (not enough profit). Tax dollars through the National Cancer Institute allot only 4 percent to pediatric cancer research vs. 96 percent for adult cancer. A bill introduced to Congress in 2004 to remedy this failed to clear. The problem is vastly and consistently underfunded. There is a clip on You-Tube titled "Truth-365" that outlines this problem well.

As the grandad of a 3-year-old with lymphoblastoma, I plead with you to contact your government representatives to try and help stop this killing. TERRY P. WEAVER, M.D.



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