Patrick: Stick with attorney McCarthy

Monday March 18, 2013

I was proud and pleased to write a letter of recommendation to the Governor’s Council in support of attorney Michael McCarthy’s nomination to a District Court judgeship. I understand that I was one of approximately 30 writers, including many lawyers and judges. I have personally observed his legal work, his character, and his demeanor on many occasions. He would make a great judge.

I, too, am outraged that the Governor’s Council rejected this nomination. It’s obvious that dirty politics were played against attorney McCarthy. This can be confirmed by anyone willing to listen to the recordings of the hearings.

Attorney McCarthy’s testimony and the testimony of all of his witnesses made me feel proud of our community. The behavior of the Governor’s Council was repulsive and disgusting. Usually this type of dirty deal subsides after a short period of time, but this is not the case concerning this matter. Everyone in the community is still angry at the council and is still supportive of attorney McCarthy.

Governor Patrick needs to protect the Berkshires, a place he calls home. He needs to stand up to this council and obtain confirmation of attorney McCarthy. He can still make this happen.




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