Perplexing defense of GOP policies

Tuesday September 4, 2012

The Eagle recently published a column by David Brooks, "A guide for the perplexed," in which Brooks told us that the U.S. was successful in the post WW II era because we had a dynamic economy. We achieved this dynamism because we, "spent money on the future -- on programs like NASA, infrastructure projects, child welfare, research and technology." Now we spend on the present, Med icare and tax loopholes being a prime examples, and the past -- servicing our nations debt.

Brooks than proceeds to tell us that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are ready to shake things up and make things better by providing a private health insurance option to compete with Medicare. He fails to tell us that private insurance costs have gone up even faster than Medicare costs. Romney and Ryan have promised to overturn the "Affordable Care" law (Obama Care) and replace it with -- ???.

Brooks says that the Romney-Ryan proposal, "would provide a basic health safety net." For those not covered by Medicare, Romney's web site says, "Mitt will pursue policies that give each state the power to craft a health care reform plan that is best for its own citizens." Good luck if you live in a poor state and get nothing to replace Obama care.

What I found even more upsetting is that David Brooks totally overlooked the fact that the Republicans aren't willing to spend on any of the policies that provide "dynamism." Jobs bills, student loans, funding for research, new technology, and infrastructure all get voted down by our Republican Congress. All they want to do is cut spending on all these programs that look to the future, spend more on defense, and cut taxes -- mostly for the rich.

Entitlement spending must be limited to those of us who really need the help, and reduced for those of us who already have more than we need, but feel that we should be entitled to more. FRANK FLAUMENHAFT



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