Peter Egazarian the new teaching professional at Taconic Golf Club


A collection of items featuring a swim noodle, a football, athletic cones and alignment rods make for an unusual sight, but these items are part of an imaginative game Peter Egazarian — the new teaching professional at the Taconic Golf Club in Williamstown — uses to teach youths the game of golf.

Egazarian joined Taconic after serving in the same role at the Wahconah Country Club. He said he's had a passion for teaching golf since his grandfather taught him the game as a child. Now his job at Taconic is to promote and help increase enjoyment in golf for players of all ages and ability levels. Egazarian and the staff at Taconic are using unique and innovative way to accomplish that goal.

"I believe in long-term improvement programs," he said. "I really enjoy working with our professional staff and we're all working together."

From using the resources of the Proponent Group — an invite-only group of about 400 of the top instructors in the world, allowing members to share the newest in teaching technology and information with each other (Egazarian works with to provide similar services to amateur golfs) — to working with the Berkshire Fitness Company in Williamstown to create a personalized lesson plans, Egazarian is on the cutting edge of golf instruction.

He also uses technology-based teaching tools during instruction. One tool is K-VEST, a 3-D biomechanics program that analyzes a golf swing, providing feedback which gives the instructor a way to diagnose and correct problems. Another tool is Flightscope, a 3-D Doppler ball tracking radar used to track club speed and show trajectory, height and curvature.

Even with advanced technology at his disposal, Egazarian said he'll only use technology if he feels it's necessary for a golfer to improve. He added that developing the mental aspect of the game is equally important.

"The mental side is twofold," Egazarian said, "we work on the technical aspect and make sure they can recall and remember [techniques], and we work together to install new movement and give general concepts to find how they work within the concept and regenerate what their thought process was and help them retain it."

While these are some of the more technical aspects of his teaching, Egazarian stresses that he wants all golfers to have more fun playing the game. Whether he's training youth or adults, the principles of his teaching remain the same.

"With youth training, I believe in kids learning through play. To play and discover. It's important to let them be kids," he said. "With adults, it's also about helping them to have more fun. They want to enjoy themselves and they have more fun when they're playing better."

For youths interested in golf, Little Swingers is an introductory program designed for children ages four to six. Golfers can transition to the Ignition program for ages six to 10, which focuses on fundamentals and an introduction to a golf course, followed by the Fuel and Performance programs, all the way to the Strive For Excellence program designed for high school golfers. Kids Golf Camp is also available for children ages six to 12. Adults also have similar options to learn the game, with beginners, intermediate, women's and private lessons available.

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