Petty issues affected their judgment

Wednesday September 26, 2012

The majority of The Board of Selectmen in Great Barrington on Monday voted to remove Town Manager Kevin O'Donnell from office. It is with disappointment that the board has allowed their personal petty issues to get in the way of governing the town.

Elections have consequences. In the last election two members were returned to office just because no one ran against them. One must never assume that you have been anointed.

I have attended meetings that are difficult to watch. We have board members that have great difficulty making a motion. After Kevin's last review he requested that any member who wished to meet with him could meet with him in private to review their concerns. No one has made the effort to follow up.

Over the years I have worked with three superintendents on the Berkshire Hills Regional School Committee, and as a selectman with two town managers. I am now on the Finance Committee. I have found Kevin to be professional in addressing the concerns of both boards. He's open and always responds in a professional manner. Kevin has delivered budgets with direction from both boards that are clear and easy to understand and control cost to our taxpayers.

Kevin's contract ends the week before the May town meeting. If you have a business on Main Street, good luck, this Board now owns the Main Street Reconstruction Project. This must give you a warm feeling. There are major projects facing Great Barrington: Waste water treatment, Main Street, the old fire station and don't forget the Berkshire Hills School District's $ 54 million repair plan. The timing is very poor to allow your petty issues to affect the town.

I agree that it is time for a change in the management of Great Barrington; we should call for the resignations of the Board Of Selectmen.

Someone please run for a seat on the board that can leave their personal issues at home for the good of the town.

ANDY MORO Housatonic ON


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