Phillips proved herself as city clerk

Saturday September 1, 2012

During most of my time as a member of the Pittsfield City Council I had the pleasure of working with Jody Phillips. In her role as city clerk, Jody was always there to assist city councilors on matters such as filing petitions, addressing questions on policy or procedure, assisting with research, or any other crazy matter that we as councilors went to her with.

In the portion of her position that required interaction with the public, Jody and the staff she managed always conducted themselves with the greatest level of professionalism. Whether is was a dog license, a marriage certificate or any of the other state and local records that are kept by the city clerk’s office, Jody’s leadership style and relationship with her staff ensured that every request would be responded to with a smile and swift attention. In addition, she successfully managed a large budget and oversaw the most important day in our system of government, El ection Day, including several recounts.

It is clear from my years of working with Jody that she has the qualities and experience that we should expect from our next register of deeds and for that reason I would ask you to join me in voting for Jody Phillips, register of deeds.




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