Phillips will well serve us as register

Tuesday September 4, 2012

On Thursday, Middle Berkshire residents have an opportunity to do something they only have a chance to do every six years. That is to cast a ballot for Berkshire Middle District Register. First let me say that as someone who knows the difficulty of running a race, I commend all three candidates for entering the race.

Now some people say that this is about promoting someone from within the office who already knows the job, I say yes if it was First Assistant Registrar Sharon Henault who has more than 27 years experience in that office and who many feel got a bum deal six years ago. Some may say that this election is all about politics. Well yeah, it is a political campaign and each candidate can point to people supporting their campaign who make up a portion of the who's who of Berkshire politics.

I say this election is about electing a person who has the most-well rounded résumé and who can serve us well over the next six years. In my opinion that person is Jody Phillips.

She has the experience of managing public records. She understands the importance of filing vital records such as birth and death certificates. She understands the responsibility of managing a budget. She understands the importance of making decisions which maximize output while minimizing expenses. She also has the experience of managing office staff.

Jody's responsibilities as the former Pittsfield City Clerk allowed her to obtain the skills required to serve us well. Please join me in casting your ballot for Jody Phillips as our next register of deeds on Sept. 6. PETER MARCHETTI



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