Pignatelli came through in crisis

Wednesday October 17, 2012

We are urging all your readers to support Smitty Pigna telli’s re-election as state representative on Nov. 6.

As an ordinary homeowner in Great Barrington, Hurri cane Irene caused flooding in our basement up to five feet high and covered our furnace and electrical panels and threatened the integrity of our house. Smitty came to our rescue, represented our situation to Mass DOT and got the department interested in our problem.

The water flowing off East Mountain and the very limited and inadequate drain in front of our house caused water to back up into our basement and flooded out four neighbors as well. The DOT found that the one drain in front of our house was the only drain for over 44 surrounding acres. It modeled the water flow, hired a contractor, and is now constructing a modern, extensive drainage system which should provide relief to me and my neighbors. I am beholden to Smitty to his efforts on our behalf. I know little would have happened without his intervention.

Citizens should be proud to be represented in the Legis la ture by Smitty Pignatelli. Please vote for Smitty on Nov. 6.



Great Barrington


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