Pignatelli has versatility for job

Sunday Sept. 2, 2012

It's one thing to work in an office and do so with great loyalty and efficiency. It's another thing to run the office and oversee the efficiency of the office as a whole, manage employees and be a visionary for the office.

Scott Pignatelli has been an employee of a small business for over 25 years and became the president and sole owner of that business 15 years ago. He has already experienced the efforts of being a loyal and efficient employee and he continues to utilize those skills while at the same time, managing a staff of employees, overseeing their work in the field, meeting and working out details with customers, and continually educating himself about the possibilities for the business to keep it thriving in a fluctuating economy.

A successful small business owner carries the same skills that the register of deeds position needs. A person who can deal with customers and employees effectively and with fairness. A person who, through their oversight of the office, can ensure that work is being done properly and to the best satisfaction of its constituents. A person who is compassionate and has vision to make improvements in the setting. A person who is likable and is capable of working with people either as colleagues, customers or employees in a way that things get accomplished and all parties involved feel satisfied.

That's the experiences that I want to see in our next register of deeds! Please join me in voting for Scott Pignatelli on Sept. 6.




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