Pittsfield man allegedly stole safe with help of victims' son


PITTSFIELD — A city man is facing charges in connection with the theft of a safe from a Vin Hebert Boulevard home last week — allegedly with the help of the victims' son.

Jacob Ferry, 21, received the locations of security cameras, a key and the passcode to the basement lock from the 17-year-old son of the victims, according to police.

At Ferry's arraignment on Monday, prosecutors described the contents of the safe as $1.9 million worth of stocks and bonds. But Ferry's attorney, David Pixley, questioned whether there was merely paperwork in the safe representing that amount of money, but which otherwise had no real cash value.

Pixley said Wednesday that the contents of the safe were described as stock certificates which could be liquidated into cash, but only with two signatures from the account holders.

Pixley said he couldn't be sure at this point if those certificates were actually in the safe, but that's how they were described.

Officers were dispatched to the home on Friday for a report of a breaking and entering.

The victims told police they suspected their 17-year-old son may be involved due to the lack of forced entry into the basement and the manipulation of security cameras inside the house.

Footage from the surveillance system allegedly shows a man wearing a bandanna over his face, a winter hat and long-sleeved shirt, opening the basement door — which was locked with a keypad — and removing the safe before returning to the room and wiping down all of the surfaces he'd touched.

Other footage shows the same man crawling across the floor of the master bedroom before blocking the camera's view.

The sound of drawers being opened and whispers between the masked man and another can be heard on the video, according to police.

Video footage also shows the victims' son turning a camera in the living room away from the room's interior and discussing the location of the safe with another male.

When police spoke with the juvenile, he identified Ferry as the one who took the safe.

The juvenile told police he had made arrangements with Ferry to take some items from the home to settle a marijuana deal gone badly.

He allegedly told police he informed Ferry where the cameras were and gave him the location of a key and the passcode to the basement door.

Police were granted access to a basement in a home where Ferry had been staying and found the stolen safe on the floor.

The safe had apparent damage from being forced open and several tools believed to have been used to get inside of it also were seized, police said.

Ferry pleaded not guilty in Central Berkshire District Court on Monday to daytime felony breaking and entering into a building and larceny from a building.

Ripps released him on recognizance and ordered him to have no contact with the juvenile or the victims.

Ferry is due back in court on Jan. 19.

The son has been charged with daytime felony breaking and entering, larceny from a building and resisting arrest.

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