Pittsfield man charged with rape

Man's lawyer said he described it as a normal sexual encounter

PITTSFIELD — "I guess I just did not hear her telling me to stop."

That's how a Pittsfield man accused of raping a woman last week explained his actions to police.

Bryan M. Raney, 30, told police he had sex with the woman, and said she was "stubborn," and "hesitant," and said she did say "no" a couple of times. But she didn't say it "a lot," he told police.

Raney was released on recognizance on Thursday after a hearing in Central Berkshire District Court.

Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Jeffrey Clarke sought to have Raney held without the right to bail as a dangerous person. He acknowledged Raney has no prior criminal record, but he said the state's concern was that he would ignore court orders the same way he's accused of ignoring the woman's repeated requests to stop his advances.

"Because he wanted to do it, he did it," Clarke said.

Raney was at the woman's Francis Avenue home when police arrived shortly after 5 p.m. on May 5.

The woman said Raney stopped by her home during his lunch break, about 11 a.m., and she was in bed at the time.

She said Raney climbed on top of her and demanded sex. She said he ignored her denials and "forced himself" on her. She said he tried to remove her pants several times, but she repeatedly pulled them back up until he "became angry" and aggressively pulled off the pants and assaulted her.

Raney left the home sometime after the assault and returned later in the day.

During the time he was away, he and the woman exchanged several text messages, which were recovered by police.

In those messages Raney asked if the woman was still mad at him, to which she replied, "yes."

Raney said it was a "stupid reason" to be mad at him and that he just wanted "a quickie."

"Yeah and I said no, that I didn't have time for it," she replied. "So, you basically raped me."

"Oh, stop," he replied. "You had time."

"That's not the point," she wrote. "I said no, and you did it anyways."

Raney, who was arrested, pleaded not guilty on Monday to a lone count of rape. He was held in custody pending Thursday's dangerousness hearing.

His attorney, Marc Vincelette, said his client had a differing opinion of the prosecution's characterization of the events. Raney described the alleged assault as a normal sexual experience, according to Vincelette.

Judge William Rota agreed the charge was serious, but felt the state didn't meet the standard required to hold Raney without bail as dangerous.

Instead, he agreed to release Raney on personal recognizance with conditions including having no contact and staying 100 yards away from the victim and submitting to GPS monitoring.

Rota went so far as recommending Raney delete the woman's contact information from his phone, to avoid the possibility of inadvertently contacting her and running in the opposite direction if he happened to see her out in public.

Rota warned if Raney violated any of his conditions, he would immediately revoke his release and hold him without bail for 90 days.

Raney is due back in court on July 11 for a pretrial hearing.

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