Pittsfield man held without bail after putting gun to neighbor’s head


PITTSFIELD -- A city man accused of assaulting his son and then putting a loaded gun to the head of a neighbor who intervened is being held without bail.

Alfred Roy III, 48, of Francis Avenue, is being held on four felonies, including a kidnapping charge that carries a minimum mandatory 10-year prison sentence.

Pittsfield Police said the incident began Tuesday night when a drunken Roy slapped his juvenile son across the face during an argument. A 52-year-old neighbor and his wife, who had been at Roy’s house, left and allowed Roy’s son to come with them.

The boy’s age was redacted from the police report.

Roy went to the neighbor’s home three times demanding his son come home, and pushed the 52-year-old on the second occasion. The man told Roy the boy would be staying at their house that night since Roy was drunk and had struck his son, police said.

The neighbor eventually went back to Roy’s house to "try to calm him down." During the visit, which the neighbor thought was going well, Roy went inside the home. According to the neighbor’s statement, Roy returned a few minutes later with a black powder pistol, grabbed him by the throat and put the pistol to his head.

During a scuffle, the gun went off and Roy kneed the man in the back, police said.

Roy, after once again putting the gun to the man’s head, allegedly told the man he wanted his son to come back home or he would "blow" the man’s "brains out."

According to the report, he cocked the hammer back on the gun and they walked over to the neighbor’s house. The defendant told the man if he ever undermined his authority again, he would kill him. The boy left with his father.

"I thought I was going to die," the 52-year-old later told police.

Police arrested Roy and charged him with kidnapping while armed with a handgun, assault to murder, assault and battery, witness intimidation and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Police found a knife concealed in Roy’s belt buckle while taking him into custody.

A search warrant was later executed at the house and allegedly turned up five black powder handguns and five black powder rifles.

The boy is staying with friends of the family, according to the report.

On Wednesday in Central Berkshire District Court, Roy appeared with attorney, Thomas C. Doyle, and pleaded not guilty to the charges. Roy was held without bail by agreement until Monday when a dangerousness hearing is scheduled to take place.

If found to be a danger to the community or complaining witness, Roy could be held for up to 90 days without bail.

The case is likely to go to the grand jury based on the charges.

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