Pittsfield man pleads guilty, gets year in jail for break-in

Wednesday December 5, 2012

PITTSFIELD -- A 45-year-old man, who was recently in the news after being attacked by a pair of dogs in Dalton, has pleaded guilty to breaking into a Pittsfield home and was sentenced to a year in jail.

On Tuesday in Central Berkshire District Court, Sean Latura of Pittsfield pleaded guilty to breaking and entering, possession of a class B drug and disturbing the peace. He admitted walking into the home of a 51-year-old man on Nov. 8.

Latura’s lawyer, Jill Sheldon, said her client was high on opiates at the time of the incident, wandered into the wrong building, and didn’t even recall seeing the home’s resident.

According to a Pittsfield Police report, the victim heard noises at his front door and went to investigate. When he opened the door to his basement, Latura was standing there.

The man yelled at Latura to leave, but he refused, according to the police report. Latura then went tumbling down the stairs to the basement before he eventually fled the residence.

Police said they found Latura wandering down the middle of Barker Road, a few hundred yards from the home. He was found in possession of suboxone when arrested.

Judge Robert S. Murphy Jr. sentenced Latura to a year in the Berkshire County Jail & House of Correction in line with a joint recommendation between Sheldon and the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office.

Latura has already served 26 days awaiting the outcome of the case.

The judge agreed to recommend Latura for an in-jail drug rehabilitation program.

According to the DA’s office, although Latura has an extensive criminal history that includes prior break-in convictions, the recommendation was made because of possible shortcomings in the case.

Meanwhile, Latura is being considered a "person of interest" by Dalton Police in an unrelated case. In October, Latura was the victim of a dog attack that may have been precipitated by a break-in of the dog owner’s Dalton home, according to police. The police said they are waiting for crime lab results from possible evidence recovered at the scene.

No criminal charges have been filed in that case as of Tuesday.

According to police, Latura was attacked by two dogs, one described as a mutt, the other as a pit bull-type dog, that got out from an apartment on Gertrude Street in Dalton the afternoon of Oct. 11. One of the dogs was shot and killed by police, while the second is back with its owner after a state-mandated observation period. It is now required to wear a muzzle when it’s outside.

Latura suffered bites to the eye and face as well as to his arm and leg.

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