Pittsfield mom, 2-year-old son lucky to avoid utility pole toppled by pickup


PITTSFIELD - Bridget Keegan heard the first crash, saw the second one, and luckily got her son and herself out of the way of the third and worst one.

On a stroll with her 2-year-old son, Matthew, on Dalton Avenue on Friday, Keegan heard the first bang and looked up in time to see a pickup truck, driving on the grassy median on Dalton Avenue, hit a second street sign. Then, Keegan said, the out-of-control pickup crossed back across both inbound lanes headed toward her and her son.

"I was like, oh, my god. And then it started coming directly at me and my son," Keegan said on Friday.

As the truck barrelled toward them, Keegan quickly managed to get her son and herself just far enough away, and then covered her son in his stroller.

That's when the pickup hit the wood utility pole, snapping it at the base. The pole landed five feet from the Keegans, she said.

Somehow, they came out OK.

"I literally saw my life flash before my eyes," Keegan said.

The driver, Kendra Corrigan, 24, of Pittsfield, got out of the truck, its bumper and grill nearly wrapped around what was left of the utility pole in front of 323 Dalton Ave., the former Hostess bakery store. She allegedly told Keegan not to call 911. But Keegan already was on the phone. Police, fire and EMS responded to Keegan's 911 call.

Corrigan was taken to Berkshire Medical Center with "non-life-threatening injuries," Pittsfield Police Capt. John Mullin told The Eagle. He said the investigation was ongoing and no charges had been filed against Corrigan as of Friday afternoon.

Keegan provided police with details of what she witnessed. But anyone else who might have seen the truck beforehand or the crash itself is being asked to call Officer Shaun Osborn, the lead investigator, at (413) 448-9700, ext. 400

A truck hit a pole on Dalton Avenue in Pittsfield on Friday afternoon. One person was transported to the hospital.


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