Pittsfield Police: Bicyclist who struck car appears to have been at fault


PITTSFIELD -- Robert Brodeur said he couldn't believe what his ex-wife was telling him. As he was driving his Ford Taurus along Second Street on Thursday just after 1:30 p.m., he heard her say something.

But before he could even react, he saw the accident unfold in front of him as if it happened in slow motion.

"There's a bike. I think he's trying to pass you," Connie Palmer said.

Brodeur, 71, told The Eagle he wasn't going faster than 15 mph prior to attempting to make the left, and even at that speed was unable to make any reaction to the oncoming bicyclist.

"All I know is that I turned my directional light on, heard Connie say, ‘There's a bike,' then I saw him fly over the hood of my car before I even knew what happened," he said. "I don't know why he was riding there, he should have been on the right side of the road."

The 20-year-old bicyclist was transported to the hospital after he crashed into Brodeur's car as he was attempting to make a left turn from Second Street onto Lake Street.

The man, whose name was not released, was transported via ambulance to Berkshire Medical Center with injuries "that didn't appear too serious," according to emergency responders.

Pittsfield Police Lt. Jeffrey Bradford said it was unclear at this time whether any Brodeur would face any charges as it appeared the bicyclist may have been at fault.

Bradford said the bicyclist wasn't wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and was complaining of neck, back and leg pain.

According to witnesses, the man was pedaling "very fast" down the street in the oncoming lane behind Brodeur's vehicle.

"I just happened to look over to the left and saw his white sneakers pumping very fast," Palmer said. "Maybe he thought he could get around us before we made our turn. I have no idea."

Just after the point of impact, Brodeur said he slammed on the brakes harder, grabbed his cell phone to dial 911 and asked the man if he was OK.

Bradford said several officers and members of the Pittsfield Fire Department and EMS arrived on scene shortly thereafter.

"The car was almost at a dead stop when the accident occurred," he said. "It's too early to determine who was at fault, but the investigation is ongoing."

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