Pittsfield Police Log for Thursday, Feb. 6


Thursday, Feb. 6

n 6:12 a.m.: Police investigate suspicious activity on Hawthorne Avenue. Could not locate.

n 8:11 a.m.: Police investigate drug activity at Pittsfield High School on East Street. Officer will update.

n 9:21 a.m.: Police investigate a water problem on Hope Street. The fire department is called.

n 11:10 a.m.: Police take Lesley Ann Pisarski, 35, address unknown, Pittsfield, into protective custody.

n 11:36 a.m.: Police arrest Nicholas W. Burke, 24, address unknown, Pittsfield, for receiving stolen property over $250, and disturbing the peace.

n 12:40 p.m.: Police investigate snow removal at Savmor Oil on West Street. Services are

n 2:02 p.m.: Police investigate a lock in/lock out on Fairfield Street. The Fire Department is called.

n 3:10 p.m.: Police investigate a fire alarm activation at the Tyler House on Tyler Street. The Fire Department is called.

n 4:25 p.m.: Police investigate a noise complaint at Columbia Arms on Columbus Avenue. Services are rendered.

n 7:18 p.m.: Police initiate extra checks at Burbank Park on Lakeway Drive. Services are rendered.

n 8:38 p.m.: Police investigate a water problem on Columbus Avenue. Services are rendered.

n 9:38 p.m.: Police arrest Mario F. Procopio Jr., 23, of Robbins Avenue, for assault and battery.

n 11:16 p.m.: A barking dog is reported on May Terrace. The report is unfounded.

Editor’s note: This is a partial list compiled from Pittsfield Police Department records. A charge is no a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty. Charges can be amended or


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