Pittsfield police release photos of women suspected in scam of 78-year-old


PITTSFIELD -- City police say a 78-year-old woman was scammed out of jewelry worth thousands of dollars late last month.

The Pittsfield Police Department has released photos on its Facebook page of the two women suspected of carrying out the scam as well as the vehicle they were driving in hopes of finding the suspects.

The victim told police she was approached by two women outside Hubbard Avenue's Price Chopper Supermarket on July 29 who asked if she had dropped something because they had found a bag of money.

"The victim went on to say these women wanted her to become a partner in a corporation that they were going to use the money they found for," according to police. "They stated that the victim needed to invest money into the corporation and that she would become a partner and in return receive $25,000 and her initial investment back. The victim then stated she gave these women $700 in cash."

But the women said it wasn't enough money. They encouraged her to go home, return with jewelry and valuables, and meet them at Home Depot.

The victim did and handed over her jewelry. The women then instructed her to meet them at the nearby Wendy's restaurant to finalize all the paperwork, according to police. The victim went to Wendy's and after about an hours of waiting for the women, she realized she had been scammed.

Police released surveillance photos of the women as well as their car they believe is from out of state.

Officers Jessica Godfroy, at (413) 448-9700, ext. 378, and Shaun C. Osborn, at extension 400, are investigating the case.


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