Plan for government control in action

Saturday June 15, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Let’s hear it for "snail mail." The only thing better would be pony express or carrier pigeon. It’s the "hand"-written word that can’t be read or heard by the U.S. government.

Total control over U.S. citizens began with credit cards, scanners, computers, iPads, cell phones and so on. This evil plan was introduced slowly so that we would adjust to it a little at a time. Most important, it’s the only way of life our children know.

The U.S. was the only country left that was strong enough and free enough to stand on its own. It had to be brought to its knees to become a third world country and have total control over its citizens. Obama’s regime just happened to be the one that would finish the job. And he needed two terms to complete the plan.

The objective is a one-world government, one-world currency and a one-world religion. You’ve all heard this wild theory before and laughed at it. But, who is laughing now? We’re not allowed to call any Muslim a terrorist because it’s not politically correct. God and all Christian beliefs have been taken completely out of the U.S. Obamacare will totally control our medical treatments. Have you noticed that every doctor and hospital has to put all of your medical information into a computer that goes directly to the government? Aren’t you aware that there are cameras at every traffic light and in every store? Every time you talk on your cell or landline photo or use a computer, it all goes into government storage. Why?

The U.S. government is disregarding the Constitution and we can’t do a thing about it. The government’s answer to the many scandals is "I can’t remember" or "I don’t know," and those testifying actually have the nerve to smirk as they walk away.

There truly is nothing we can do. But at least be aware that it is happening.




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