Playing the blues with a harder edge

Thursday May 3, 2012

Tyler Fairbank's day jobs? Impressive ones: He's the CEO of EOS Ventures, the Berkshires-based renewable energy development company, and he's the co-CEO overseeing operations at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock and two other ski areas in New England.

But his nights? Those are filled with his passions: He's the lead singer and guitarist for Dalton-based T-Bone Daddy, one of four bands chosen by fans to perform in Guitar Jam IV at the Colonial Theatre on May 19.

Fairbank said he and his bandmates -- drummer Lou Parreault and bassist Paul Cowan -- are looking forward to playing on the main stage at the Colonial.

In a recent interview with The Eagle, Fairbank spoke about "bluesy rock," his musical influences, and Johnny D's in Boston.

Q: How long have you three been playing together?

A: We are now in our third full year.

Q: How did you get together?

A: I've been in a number of bands in my career, and I had actually taken a hiatus for several years, but I decided to get back into playing and performing. I just happened to bump into my bass player, Paul [Cowan], and he was looking to start a band. A little while later, we picked up Louie [Parreault]. None of us knew each other before we got together.

Q: Why do you play the blues?

A: We don't play traditional blues. We bill ourselves as a "bluesy rock" band. We play blues with a harder edge.

Q: Who are your influences?

A: I've always been drawn to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, guys like Jimi Hendrix. And in terms of blues, Muddy Waters was one of my favorites.

Another guy I really enjoy listening to is John Mayer. I know most people know about his mainstream stuff, but he's a huge blues-rock player. And Joe Bonamassa. Have you heard of him?

Q: I have, and in fact I saw him on television.

A: Yeah, one of his shows was broadcast on public television a week or so ago. He's a great guitar player, and I know that not a lot of people know him around here, but he has a following. His shows sell out wherever he goes. A great guitar player.

Q: Is this recent, or have you been a blues fan for a while?

A: Even as a kid, I have to say, I was a big blues fan.

Q: I know the band has played all over the Northeast. Do you have any favorite venues, either in the Berkshires or beyond?

A: The Berkshires have been very good to us. We've played a lot of gigs at Flavours [Restaurant in Pittsfield]. They've been very supportive of us. And a few weeks ago, we played in the Garage at the Colonial Theatre.

Q: In a few weeks, though, you'll move to the big stage.

A: Oh yeah, that'll be fun.

Q: Any places outside the county that stick out?

A: Johnny D's, a great Boston bar, has been a lot of fun to play. The staff is very professional, and we always have a great time.

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