Poem: Sitting on Paintings


So creatively thinking

the painter would display

art to be showed for the world.

All the new groundbreaking colors,

wouldn t match any other s work.

Gliding the brush so amazingly,

to receive the full effect

of the paper being dressed

to impress its followers.

Humbly waiting its turn

to be looked upon as one

of those who made it.

Showing that it took time

to make the splashing colors,

of many rainbows.

Red of Alert gives

the most action,

as the blue calms

Like the sea,

when the wave glides

back and forth,

the white of peace

before the changes occur.

She has sat on her

paintings so long,

that she feels her life

has no meaning.

Having faith relights the

spark that once gave

her energy

to put a smile

on someone' s face.

Knowing her paintings

might leave a legacy

beyond her understanding

Then she awaits her

place, that she once

stood alone in.

As the people of the museum

ask themselves quietly,

I wonder how she painted that portrait so well?


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