Police: No prints on gun Hall allegedly used to frame Glasser


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SPRINGFIELD -- A police witness conceded on Thursday he couldn't find fingerprints on the gun allegedly used by Adam Lee Hall to try and frame David Glasser in August 2010.

New York State Police Sr. investigator Drew McDonald told the jury in Hampden Superior Court he was unable to retrieve any fingerprints from a .22 handgun that Hall, 36, of Peru, allegedly used as part of a scheme to pin a fake armed robbery and attempted kidnapping on Glasser in upstate New York in August 2010.

The forensic investigator said he was also unable to match a projectile dug out of a tree to the handgun. But Hall's three co-defendants in that case have all taken the stand to say Hall was behind the scheme and had fired that gun into a tree to support Nicole Brooks' report to New York State Police that she had been robbed of $800 by Glasser and that he attempted to abduct her and shot at her.

Massachusetts State Police Lt. Brian Foley said that based on cellphone records obtained for Hall, Brooks, and the other defendants, Alexandra Ely and Scott Langdon, there were "numerous" calls and texts back and forth from their phones on Aug. 14, 2010, just before and after Brooks contacted the police to report the robbery.

Langdon has testified that he convinced Glasser to give him a ride to Wells, N.Y., and hid a gun and Brooks' purse in Glasser's truck. He said he didn't know what was in the bag he had planted on Glasser, who was arrested in Pittsfield later the same day.

Pittsfield Police Officer Gary Herland, who was involved in that traffic stop, said Glasser had been "cooperative and seemed confused why he was being pulled over."

Police witnesses said they were able to piece together that Glasser hadn't been involved in any robbery in New York and that Hall was behind the scheme that was meant to discredit Glasser as a witness in an earlier case involving Hall.

Testimony continues this afternoon.


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