Polidoros prepare for new challenges on golf course

Thursday August 30, 2012

Lucas Polidoro said the decision not to return for his sixth season as the Pittsfield High School golf coach wasn't easy.

Having his brother Chris take his place took a heavy weight off of his shoulders.

"It was tough to tell my team I wasn't coming back," Lucas Polidoro said. "That they're having a smooth transition made me feel better."

Lucas Polidoro, 30, is the new golf coach at Mount Greylock, and his brother Chris, 28, moves up from an assistant's slot at PHS.

Lucas Polidoro also took a new job this fall, teaching math at Greylock. He was a math teacher at Pittsfield before that. Polidoro graduated from Pittsfield and played golf for Bob Dastoli.

"It was especially tough," Lucas Polidoro said of both moves. "I never knew any high school other than Pittsfield."

Chris Polidoro is an assistant golf pro at Cranwell Resort in Lenox, and also is a former General who played for Dastoli and Chris Tremblay. He said the decision to take over at Pittsfield was not a difficult one.

"I've been helping my brother as an assistant," he said. "There are a couple of kids I want to see get through."

The players at Pittsfield won't see much of a difference in coaching style between the Polidoro brothers. Both are fairly quiet and enjoy the teaching aspects of the coaching job.

"When we were doing it together, we were pretty much on point," Chris Polidoro said.

It's not like Lucas Polidoro is leaving the cupboard bare at Pittsfield. The Generals are led by the trio of Adam Brickle, Ryan Grande and Jake Matthews. Brickle actually finished in a tie for sixth at last fall's Western Massachusetts Division I tournament.

The new Greylock coach admitted that teaching in Williamstown and coaching in Pittsfield wouldn't be ideal, nor is leaving one group of kids for another.

But now that Lucas Polidoro has shed his purple and white for red and white, he is all about Greylock now.

"I'm impressed how strong they are athletically," he said. " ‘I see red people' is their slogan. It's really important to the student body."

As to his new team? The first-year Mountie mentor is ready to mold them.

"I look at it as a fresh start," he said. "We're young. That's the first thing I noticed right away."

The two teams will meet at Waubeeka Golf Links on Thursday, Sept. 6, and then at the Country Club of Pittsfield on Sept. 18. Lucas Polidoro said that while his players probably won't give it too much thought, he will -- especially when the Mounties come to Pittsfield.

"I stood on the ninth green for a long time. I'm going to be wearing red, not purple," he said.

From the Pittsfield side, there can be no doubt that the players have those dates circled on their calendars.

"I think so," said Chris Polidoro. "They want to prove to my brother that they have it. One of my captains mentioned to me that we're going to beat them, don't worry."

Since it's golf, you never know what's going to happen. A stray tee shot or a ball into a sand trap could throw an entire round off and give one team a win over the other. Once the players for Pittsfield and Greylock get on course, anything can happen.

"It's going to be different. It's going to be fun," said Chris Polidoro. "I'm looking forward to it."


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