Politicians insult legal immigrants

Saturday May 11, 2013

Our state and national legislators are about to throw another insult at the children of millions of legal immigrants by granting the criminal immigrants amnesty. They are doing this, not because they feel it is right, but because they know it will give them an edge in the next round of elections.

We have been told that it would be impossible to send 12 million illegals back home. How come, then, are we being told that the present administration has deported over half a million? If we increase our efforts we could in 12 years deport over six million rather than grant 12 million legal status.

To add further insult, our state legislators are rewarding their children with college scholarships while cutting aid to state residents. Children often blame their parents incorrectly for many things, but when it comes to having to pay out-of-state tuition it truly is the parents of the illegals. The next time those legislators travel to Europe to let the world know how great they are, I hope they encounter the descendants of the thousands of would-be immigrants who were sent back to Europe from Ellis Island for having nothing more than a common cold or similar sickness.

Giving amnesty is the final insult to the accepted as well as the rejected immigrants. Our legislators should be ashamed of themselves.


Great Barrington


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