Pollution's horrid evolution

Saturday March 16, 2013

I carry these various pensions, caught up in many dimensions. Mind is stuck in a regression, ‘cause of this modern depression, but I don’t think I have yet mentioned, this is our new-aged ascension.

We continue to rise, as some of us fade. That’s the one kind of thing that I try to evade.

‘Cause we’re caught in a greater depression, a nation of people have let in. This evolution, pollution will set in.

Trust me, this must be our fault, you see we continue to drive, smoke butts, drink Colt 45s, toss all our garbage aside, and you think this will help us survive? How?

Now when the skies go black, you’re gonna wish you went back, and picked up all your trash.

Instead you verbally bash environmentalists that, picked up your ignorant, thoughtless, nonsense. I mean that’s horrid!

Why can’t you people do your part? No, these aren’t those hate rhymes, just lyrical art, to show you the date, time, till civility falls apart!

You know all that does glitter is not always some gold, and that was something I learned off of a TV show (SpongeBob!).

All of your six-pack rings, killing of crows and things? What if that was you seeing Grim’s scythes gleam?


North Adams

The writer is in the Steeples program in North Adams.


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