Prudent course with Syrian war

Monday October 15, 2012

The civil war in Syria has been presented to us in living color on TV. People are aware of the suffering of the victims of this war. The question is should we intervene? Do we intervene in a military or hu manitarian manner?

Even though there are marked differences, a civil war 150 years ago could be instructive. The South defending the heinous principle of slavery wanted to separate itself from the North. Many battles were fought with tremendous suffering and loss of life. Cities were burned to the ground people were displaced and abandoned. This country was in a very bad place.

The world power at that time was Great Britain. The South wanted its involvement in our civil war but it eventually declined. What would have happened if it had intervened? Would we still have slavery in this country? Would we have become two nations, each less powerful?

The consequences of our actions are unknown, but rash action such as military intervention on the side of the rebels is best avoided. The course laid out by the president is prudent.


New Ashford


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