Psych evaluation, no bail ordered for Pittsfield man accused of stabbing pregnant girlfriend


PITTSFIELD — A city man accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend a half-dozen times remains held without bail and has been ordered to be committed to a state hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Richard Martel, 26, has exhibited unpredictable and violent behavior over the years, according to Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Katy Innes, and was not taking his prescribed medication when he allegedly attacked the woman during a self-described "blackout" on February 29.

Innes said there were no conditions under which could be released that would ensure the safety of the alleged victim and the general public.

She described the six wounds inflicted on the victim as "the most horrific," she's seen, "incredibly deep and gory," and said the woman truly feared Martel was going to kill her.

The woman received four "deep puncture wounds," on her back and another two cuts on her left arm, according to court records.

Martel's attorney, Nathaniel K. Green, agreed the wounds were "graphic," but said none of them were apparently life-threatening and believed they appeared much worse than they are.

Green said he also believed Martel had enough family and professional support to ensure he would be effectively supervised and would be compliant with his medications and would abide by the restraining order taken out against him by the alleged victim.

Green also attempted to downplay Martel's previous convictions on charges including, trespassing, threatening to commit a crime and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot), by noting most of those resulted in sentences of probation — which he completed — and one in which he was sentenced to 37 days of time served.

Judge William Rota agreed with Innes that there were no adequate conditions of release that could be imposed and ordered Martel held without the right to bail for 120 days.

He also ordered Martel to be committed to Bridgewater State Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Martel has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed assault to murder.

He is due back in court on April 4 for a pre-trial hearing and will be reevaluated at the conclusion of the 120 days on June 27 to determine if bail should be set and in what amount.

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