Radio Highlights

Saturday May 4, 2013

5 a.m. WSBS (FM 94.1/AM 860) Galen Wade or Jesse Stewart.

6:00 WBEC (AM 1420) Fox Sports Radio.

6:00 WUPE (FM 100.1/AM 1110) American Top 40. ’The 70s with Casey Kasem.’

6:00 WBEC (FM 95.9) Retro Pop Reunion with Joe Cortez.

8:00 WAMC (FM 90.3), WAMQ (FM 105.1) Weekend Edition Saturday.

8:00 WBEC-AM Trading Post. (413) 443-9596.

8:15 WNAW (AM 1230) The Trading Post. (413) 664-8255.

8:15 WSBS Trading Post. (413) 528-0860.

9:00 WUPE Cheryl Adams.

9:00 WRRS-LP (FM 104.3) Berkshire Talking Chronicle. Reading of The Berkshire Eagle. Also at 4 p.m.

9:00 WBEC-AM ‘On The House’ with the Carey Brothers.

9:00 WSBS Growing Your Garden with Greg Ward.

9:06 WBRK (AM 1340) The 1340 Club. A musical trip down memory lane with your host Len Bean.

9:30 WSBS Galen Wade or Jesse Stewart.

10:00 WBEC-FM Glenn Turner.

10:00 WMHT (FM 89.1) Performance Today.

10:00 WAMC, WAMQ Car Talk.

12:00 WBEC-AM Fox Sports Radio.

12:00 WTBR (FM 89.7) Classic TBR. Classic dance and rock favorites with DJ Brad & the Minster.

12:30 WFCR (FM 88.5) The Metropolitan Opera.

1:00 WSBS The John Tesh Radio Show.

1:00 WUPE Todd Lee.

2:00 WBEC-FM Dani.

4:00 WSBS Amber LaGess.

4:00 WTBR Commercial-free Classic Rock.

6:00 WAMC, WAMQ Prairie Home Companion.

6:00 WUPE Mike Harvey Weekend Party Show.

7:00 WBRK-FM Hollywood 5 with Kidd Kraddick.

8:00 WAMC, WAMQ Hudson River Sampler.

9:00 WBEC-FM Retro Pop Reunion.


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