Radio Highlights

Friday August 31, 2012

6 a.m. WBEC-AM Imus in the Morning.

6:00 WBRK (AM 1340) Rick Beltaire.

6:00 WBRK (FM 101.7) Johnny Wolfe.

6:00 WBEC (FM 95.9) The Live Morning Crew with Glen Turner & Amy Reed.

6:00 WNAW (AM 1230) The Morning Show with Mike Garland.

7:30 WTBR (FM 89.7) Good Morning Pittsfield. Host John Krol.

8:35 WNAW (AM 1230) @theMarket. A weekly financial matters program.

9:00 WRRS-LP (FM 104.3) Berkshire Talking Chronicle. Reading of The Berkshire Eagle for the blind and vision impaired.

9:00 WBEC-AM Glenn Beck.

9:05 WSBS Let’s Talk with Smitty Pignatelli.

9:06 WBRK-AM Open Mic Sports Edition with Bob Shade and Howard "The Hawk" Herman.

9:30 WSBS From the Ground Up.

10:00 WSBS Galen Wade.

10:00 WMHT (FM 89.1) Performance Today.

10:00 WBEC-FM Amy Reed.

10:00 WUPE Eric Greene.

11:00 WRRS-LP Berkshire Talking Chronicle. ’Discussions from the Berkshires’ with William Sturgeon.

11:30 WBEC-AM Up-Front with Larry Kratka.

12:00 WBEC-AM Mike Huckabee.

12:00 WGY (AM 810) Rush Limbaugh.

2:06 WBRK-AM Man Cave Radio with Noel Discoe.

2:30 WTBR DJ Wheels. Heavy metal, hosted by Sean Mochon.

3:00 WBEC-AM Sean Hannity.

3:00 WUPE Todd Lee.

3:00 WSBS Meg Bennett.

3:00 WBRK-FM Drive Time with Rich. Hosted by Rich Whitman.

4:00 WTBR Billy Norwell. Requests & rock ‘n roll.

4:00 WNAW The Goin’ Home Show with Dave Fierro.

4:00 WRRS-LP SingerShoutOut! Hosts Christine & Ken Singer.

5:00 WRRS-LP Berkshire Talking Chronicle. Reading of The Berkshire Eagle for the blind and vision impaired.

6:00 WTBR Polka Express. Carl & Lucy Flossie, hosts.

6:00 WBEC-AM Fox Sports Radio.

6:30 WBRK-AM Major League Baseball. N.Y. Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles.

7:00 WBEC-FM John Tesh.

7:00 WUPE Jimmy D.


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