Re-elect Brown, a true moderate

Friday October 12, 2012

In spite of what Jean-Jacques Rousseau thinks (letter, Oct. 6) Senator Scott Brown is a real moderate. The two bills that were cited, which Brown voted against, had many undesirable parts, along with a few good ideas.

Most notably, the Dodd-Frank bill imposes regulations on small banks that are designed for huge banks, and represent a burden that is putting them out of business. Unlike many legislators Scott actually reads bills, knows what is in them, and votes accordingly, not necessarily along the party line. His overall record is indisputably bipartisan.

What do you expect Eliza beth Warren would do? When asked to name a Republican senator with whom she could work all she could come up with is one who is retiring.

The notion that Scott is against women is laughable. Just look at his family.

Elizabeth Warren’s great achievement is establishment of the Consumer Protection agency: another horde of bureaucrats to weigh down the economy.

We already have EPA, OSHA, banking and stock mar ket regulators, and the rest. Why can’t they just do their job? At the very root of the financial mess were foolish regulations (the usual outcome when you turn the bureaucrats loose). Banks were made to grant mortgages to people who were obviously unable to make the payments. Wall Street and credit rating agencies compounded the error by creating mortgage-backed securities with false AAA ratings that were sold and resold until the whole house of cards came tumbling down.

Massachusetts prides itself on having a well-educated and intelligent population. The election of Scott Brown validated this claim. Don’t let it slip away this November.




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