Reader Queries: Special effects have their way


Q: I have been watching reruns of "JAG" on INSP, the Inspiration Network, and have a question about Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux). Bud lost his leg below the knee. In other similar TV accidents, the leg is bound behind the body so it cannot be seen. Bud’s accident was real and the leg was really gone. Did Labyorteaux have an accident in real life, which was written into the script?

A: Patrick Labyorteaux did not lose his leg. The series made it seem that way through more sophisticated special effects than you have seen in some other productions.

Q: I saw a Jerry Lewis movie recently called "The Ladies’ Man." In it there was a beautiful woman singing a song I think was called "A Touch of Paris." I thought she had a knockout voice and the looks to go with it. I have never seen her before or since. I would like to know her name and more about her. Can you help me please?

A: I am grateful for help from the actress Hope Holiday, who was also in Lewis’ 1961 film. She pointed me to the movie’s singer, Vicki Benet, a French artist in the ‘50s who put out a series of jazz-pop albums whose covers often highlighted her looks; one writer called her "an exquisite blonde-type woman." That same profile said her parents were both musicians, she came to America as a child but returned to Paris to finish school.

Q: Is the series "Betrayed" or "Betrayal" coming back? I believe it was on ABC last fall.

A: "Betrayal" aired for the 13 episodes of its first season between September 2013 and January 2014, and the ratings were not impressive. There have been reports indicating it is canceled, but I have seen nothing official from the network.

Q: Could you help me locate a new series on cable about queens in history? The title of the series is either "Reines" or "Reigns."

A: It appears you are looking for "Reign," a series that airs on the CW, which is a broadcast network, not cable. Since the network especially targets young adults, the series focuses on Mary in her teens. It usually airs at 9 p.m. Thursday; the season finale is coming up May 15 but the CW has already ordered a second season.

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