Real Women's Essay Contest winners announced in Berkshires

Tuesday April 30, 2013

PITTSFIELD -- The committee of the Real Women’s Essay Contest has announced the winners of the 2013 Real Women’s Essay Contest.

The Real Women’s Essay Contest is a creative writing competition open to all Berkshire Country students in grades kindergarten through 12. Students write essays about women -- friends, relatives, role models, historic figures -- who have been an inspiration to them.

Teachers submit entries to the contest, and winners are determined by a panel of judges.

Awards were presented recently to winners during a celebration at Berkshire Community College. State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier was the keynote speaker.

The Real Women’s Essay contest is a collaborative effort between the Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center and many community agencies and individuals.

This year’s winners -- listed by placement (if applicable), student name (in bold); the name of the person they wrote about; and their teacher and school -- are as follows:


Aidan D’Aniello; Tina D’Aniello; Mrs. Irvin, Egremont Elementary, Pttsfield

Prosper Ezan Jr.; Linda Jamross; Mrs. Jamross, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Ottovio Herrick; Deborah Herrick; Ms. Simonelli, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Helen Makdisi; Fadia Rostom; Mrs. Cronin, Egremont Elementary, Pittsfield

Kaitlyn Milette; Jean Corbett; Mrs. Jamross, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Victoria Monsalve; Ana Monsalve; Mrs. Irvin, Egremont Elementary, Pittsfield

Grade 1

First place, Izaiah Hill; Asia; Mrs. McKeever, Crosby Elementary, Pittsfield

Second place, Olivia Gamberoni; Jeannine Ryder; Mrs. Geller/Mrs. Robbins, Craneville Elementary, Dalton

Honorable mention, Emma Kinnas; Kristie Kinnas; Ms. Gagnon, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Grade 2

First, Ndey Awa Touray; Ndey D’Costa; Mrs. Lamoureaux, Williams Elementary, Pittsfield

Second, Jacqueline Roccabruna; Mrs. Lamoureaux; Ms. Sullivan, Williams Elementary, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Chase Doyle; Mrs. Linda Mayorchak; Ms. Sherman, Stearns Elementary, Pittsfield

Grade 3

First, Tess Johnstadt; J.K. Rowling; Ms. Andersen/Ms. Langman, Williamstown Elementary, Williamstown

Second, Dylan Trova; Tonya Trova; Ms. Cady, Williams Elementary, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Francesca Bruno; Donna Boyer; Mrs. Soules, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Grade 4

First, Olivia Hart; Mrs. Paula Marinaro; Mrs. Marinaro, Allendale Elementary Pittsfield

Second, Katelyn Walsh; Joanne Crosier; Mrs. Marinaro, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Emily Perault; Bethany Meilani Hamilton; Ms. Dickinson, St. Agnes Academy , Dalton

Grade 5

First, Donny Nealon; Dorothy Johnson van den Honert; Sr. Linda Wilk, St. Agnes Academy , Dalton

Second, Nicole Brindle; Laurie Brindle; Ms. Betters, Egremont Elementary, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Wayne D. Moore III; Rachel Moore; Mrs. Cusson, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Grades 6, 7, 8

First, Cristina Aillon; Marie Curie; Mrs. Conlon, St. Agnes Academy, Dalton

Second, Anna Lynch; Louisa May Alcott; Ms. Fraser, Lenox Memorial Middle and High, Lenox

Honorable mention, Beth Lantz; Sr. Linda Wilk, SSJ; Mrs. Conlon, St. Agnes Academy, Dalton

Grades 9, 10, 11

First, Charity Stroud; Cindy Stroud; Mrs. Stroud, Homeschooled, Hinsdale

Second, Roma Sabino; Anne Frank; Mr. Whitney, St. Joseph Central High, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Alex Mitchell; Carol Ann Maloney Gordon; Mr. Horth, St. Joseph Central High, Pittsfield

Grade 12

First, Jocelyn Moody; Michelle Obama; Mrs. Callaghan, St. Joseph High, Pittsfield

Second, Kendall Smith; The Women of Haiti; Mrs.Callaghan, St. Joseph High, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Kyle Cahalan; Bev Trowill; Mrs. Callaghan, St. Joseph High, Pittsfield

Special awards Š

First, Kaitlyn Boehm; Chloe Boehm; Mrs. Callaghan, St. Joseph High, Pittsfield

Second, Kyle Charter; Jaclyn Charter; Mr. Collins, Allendale Elementary, Pittsfield

Honorable mention, Kara Curtin; Helen Brey-Garettson; Mr. Horth, St. Joseph High, Pittsfield

Mary Ellen Ausman Award Š

Molly Sherman; Mary Ballato; Mrs. Codey, Egremont Elementary, Pittsfield For more information, visit or contact Sarah Gillooly, Real Women Essay Contest chairwoman, at (413) 442-5174 for more information.


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