Reject NIMBYism in Williamstown

Friday April 19, 2013

It seems as if there are two groups of people in Williamstown who would like to preserve the Lowry-Burbank land -- the nature lovers who like to walk there occasionally and the abutters or near abutters.

The nature lovers will still have 20 acres to walk there and many other opportunities: the Hopper, Sheep Hill, the woods near the Clark Art Institute. I could mention more but this will suffice. Williamstown is actually quite fortunate to have this much, more than most communities, even in the Berkshires.

Rather than thinking of sharing their good fortune, the abutters display a NIMBY attitude that saddens but does not surprise me. We live in Greylock Village, which I believe was developed in the early 1970s. I cannot help but wonder if the builder would have had to face the same kind of opposition if there had been big houses along Stratton Road then.

I trust the citizens of Williamstown will recognize that the time for elitism has passed and that they will vote for development of the Lowry/ Burbank land.




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