Republican religious hypocrisy

Thursday March 21, 2013

Many people of all faiths and political persuasions have praised the new pope because of his pledge to help the poor, as do I. Although not a Catholic, I appreciate his commitment to the needy, but I question the honesty of lawmakers, especially Republicans, who praise Pope Francis for his dedication to helping the less fortunate but will not pass legislation to accomplish the same objective.

They continually vote against the values and programs the pope they praise advocates. They vote against funding -- health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, student loans -- and many other programs, hurting the neediest and forcing more people than ever into poverty with little hope of getting out, the same time as they vote for programs to benefit the wealthiest.

How does one worship sincerely one day and vote so contrariwise the next? Isn’t it hypocritical to separate the values and beliefs one professes from one’s actions?




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