Respect civilian rights of military

Friday May 4, 2012

Employers and landlords need to take note. It is a violation of the federal law to discriminate against members of the military based on their service, ("Fireman gets rank," Eagle, April 24).

When my unit was called up, my supervisor stated I had two choices; resign or after 90 days be involuntary resign. When I returned from duty, I did not have a job.

Human Resources sent me a letter stating I could call every week to see if there were any openings which I qualified for, and if so I could apply. I was also denied rental property because of my military service. Fortu nately, I found other employment and a place to live but this does not excuse their actions.

I understand military duty can be an undue hardship on the employer but with a little reasonable effort on both parties, it does work. Therefore I say kudos to Chief Petty Officer Rawson for standing up for his rights as a military member, and thank you for your service!




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